2. Harfenbiennale Innsbruck
Celtic String Play

Unfolding under the motto “Celtic String Play”, the 2. Harfenbiennale Innsbruck invites you to listen to the next generation in concert, discover Austrian premieres as well as a world premiere, explore exciting lectures, lecture-concerts as well as purely musical events presenting international and local soloists and ensembles. Click on to peruse this year’s programme and find ticketing information.

The second Harfenbiennale presents a fascinating range of harp types—from the Celtic and Welsh harps to the Scottish and Irish ones. Moreover, it will unveil a hitherto unknown jewel, the Lyrichord, the creation of which can be traced back to the visionary mind of Leonardo da Vinci.

© Armin Linke, 2023.

A charming breakfast concert awaits you that will gently awaken your senses. You can also look forward to the outstanding Scottish duo who will bring a special nuance to the festival with their fiddle and harp. Together with the Musikgymnasium Innsbruck, we will create a rousing opening evening that will amaze music lovers.

Tune all your harps and come to Harfenbiennale Innsbruck!